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Known Documents are sometimes referred to as standards or exemplars. Standards are legally admissible authentic samples of handwriting or signatures used for comparison with the questioned writing or signature. The genuineness  of the standards must be found to be clear and undisputed or the court may reject them. So when sending in standards please make sure that they will be able to be verified as genuine.

There are two kinds of standards, informal which means documents previously executed and formal which is request writing.  Standards should ideally have been written reasonably close  to the date of the questioned document and where possible  of a similar nature, so for example, we can compare contracts with contracts. Where the availability of suitable writing for comparison is limited please send us anything you are able to obtain as we are often able to create  a report with limited recourses. It is always advisable to discuss the nature of your documents with us before sending them so we can advise you further.  


Try to get known confirmed signatures made as close to the date of the questioned signature as possible. For an adult in good health this should be within the last last 5 years but more recent if possible. If there has been a deterioration in health or quality of life of the person who is alleged to have written the signature and there is a possibility that their  illness or old age  may have had an effect on their writing which maybe the case in a questioned will, we will need to examine confirmed signatures of that person after they were diagnosed with their illness or their writing began to deteriorate due to old age or infirmity. There is a list of illness or conditions which may effect  handwriting and signatures at list below:

The following  illnesses  or conditions may have an effect on a persons handwriting and signature: 

Agaphia, (head injuries, strokes, brain infections and tumours) asphasia and dyslexia  

Alzeimers Disease / Senile Dementia

Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig Disease)


Cerebral Palsy   

Diabetes Mellitus (low blood/sugar levels version)

Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Parkinsons disease

Aquired agraphia

Linguistic agraphia

Nonligustic agraphia

Progressive supranclear palsy

Huntingtons disease

Essential tremour



Click Here to see suggested sources of known signatures and handwriting

Click Here to see suggested sources of known signatures and handwriting