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Consult me for help with questioned handwriting, signatures and suspected forgeries

This guide  summarises the information on this site and will quickly answer most of your questions and informs you what you need to do next.  


When we receive your documents, we will make a free initial assessment to ascertain if we have sufficient and suitable material to work with. If we believe that the material is suitable to work with and there is sufficient material available, we will contact you to arrange payment which can be by card over the phone, online banking or by cheque. When payment is received, we will log your report in for completion in a period of up to approximately 2 to 3 weeks. If we are unable to proceed and/or you are unable to provide us with additional suitable materials or documents, no charge will be made, and any original documents will be returned.

No actual opinion will be given at this initial stage other than there is or is not sufficient material to work with.

What you need to do now

You will need to send your questioned or forged documents or signatures with the documents or specimens for comparison. You will also need to send an accompanying letter with your instructions/requirements clearly indicating the questioned and genuine documents or signatures. If payment has not already been made you will need to include a cheque in the envelope payable to; Paul Craddock Consultancy Ltd or make a card payment for the agreed amount. We strongly recommend that, if sending original documents, you send your mail by recorded delivery; see address above. Your report will then be posted back to you, with your documents, by recorded delivery; depending on our current workload and the complexity of the case, normally within 15 working days.  When posting to you we always use recorded delivery when returning original documents.  

If originals are not being sent then you can scan and email your documents, if you prefer. But please describe and label each document in your e-mail.   

Please note:  Original documents, if available, are always preferable.

Types of report given    

There are two types of written opinion, the first is in the form of a letter which is  suitable if you just need our opinion in writing,  the second is our report for court  complying with the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR 35)  and is suitable for use in court by your self or a solicitor.  You may upgrade from one report to another by paying the difference between the lower and higher priced report.   

Please note: all reports must be paid for in advance. We are able to accept card payments.

The fees below are for comparing one questioned  signature with known signatures.  If you have more than one questioned signature or we are examining pages of handwriting the amount of time we will  have to spend on your case will increase, so we may have to increase our fees accordingly. We will advise you of the total cost before proceeding. 



How many known signatures or how much known handwriting for comparison do you need to provide?  

Ideally, the average amount of known signatures would be twenty to twenty-five signatures and/or four to five pages of handwriting; preferably written at different times. However, due to the practicalities involved, in practice, we often only receive about half of that number to work with. Each case is different, but as a guideline; 6 signatures would be the minimum for a letter of opinion and 12 for a full report. It is in your interest to supply us with as many known signatures and/or as much known handwriting for comparison as possible.  

Click Here to see suggested sources of known signatures and handwriting