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Consult me for help with questioned handwriting, signatures and suspected forgeries

A questioned document is a document whose authenticity is being questioned also called a suspect document.  It may be only part of the document is questioned such as a signature. The writing may not even be on paper such as the case of graffiti, we still refer to it as a questioned document.  A list of the most common questioned documents we help with are listed below: 

Malicious letters, notes or mail

This form of document can very personal and hurtful if you are the victim. Often written by a disgruntled work colleague, ex-partner or neighbour. You will most likely have one or more suspects. You will need to obtain some examples of your suspects writing for me to compare with the questioned document. (Don’t forget about the envelopes the document arrives in these can be helpful to us) It may be possible to eliminate a group of suspects so we find the guilty person thorough a process of elimination. When the offender is identified and they are aware you have a report implicating them they usually stop, even if the Police are not involved. 

Forged or questioned signatures 

Often there is a great deal at stake on a signature, you may be facing a large financial loss. Forged signatures are often made by tracing or simulating the genuine signature. We have found forged signatures on cheque's, mortgage papers, leases, wills, loans, land registry documents, hire agreements, invoices and many other types of documents. You will need to supply us with at least 6 and ideally between 12 to 20 of your confirmed known signatures if possible made around the time of the alleged forgery. This will enable us to determine your natural range of variation in your signature to compare with the questioned signature.

Employee dishonesty, misconduct, harassment and fraud 

This may involve questioned figures or writing on company documents. Forms may have been altered or had figures or text inserted or deleted. Offensive writing may have appeared on time sheets etc. We have provided valuable assistance to personnel managers, human resource officers and investigators. The information we have provided has been the deciding factor in disciplinary procedures. 

You have been accused of signing / filling out or altering a document / form but, it wasn’t you!

This can be very worrying and distressing on a personal level. And often a lot of money or your job is at risk. We have resolved many such cases. You will need to contact us with the details and we will advise you what you need to supply to us to resolve the case.

Did the same person write these documents / letters?

You may wish us to compare different documents to determine if they have been written by the same person. We will be able to assist you with this but please remember, if the writing on one of the documents is all in capital letters or all in lower case we will need to compare capitals with capitals and lower case with lower case.

Altered medical records 

We are usually able to assist where there are allegations that medical records have been altered. We have assisted in cases with the National Health Service in the UK. 

Matrimonial and family cases

We are able to help with the disputed writing or signatures of children, or with the disputed handwriting or signatures of partners / former partners.


If you have been the victim of offensive graffiti you will need to take a good photograph of it and sent it to us with your suspect’s handwriting for analysis.