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Request Writings are handwriting samples made at the request and under the supervision of solicitors, the police, document examinations and investigators for the purpose of comparison with questioned writing.

It is advisable not to use handwriting that has been written specifically for the purpose of examination or comparison as this may detract from the persons natural handwriting as he or she becomes self conscious or attempts to disguise. However, due to the lack of suitable material for comparison it may be necessary to take request writing from a suspect.

Request Writing Instructions 

Try to duplicate the writing conditions of the questioned document using the same type of writing instrument and type of paper if possible. Check if the writer is suffering from an illness or under the influence of alcohol or drugs and duplicate the wording and numbers of the questioned document. If the questioned document is in upper case make sure the request writing appears in uppercase as well.

To help prevent disguise verbally dictate to the writer rather than let the writer copy the request writing. Be prepared to spend sufficient time with the writer to make sure any disguise can not be maintained. When dictating your request writing, do so with increased speed,  this will hinder any attempt at disguise. I also recommend you attempt to distract and relax the  writer as you get him to repeat the request writing a number of times whilst keeping his previous writings hidden from his view.

Make sure you label, sign and date the request writings. If legal action is a possibility it is recommended that a witness also signs the request writings in the presence of your self and the suspect. 

If there is a limited amount of questioned writing available to dictate to your suspect when taking request writing you may find it beneficial to dictate one of the paragraphs below as these contain a wide diversity of alphanumeric characters. I recommend you get your suspect to write the paragraph you use at least 6 times whilst you keep each one hidden from his or her view. 

The London Letter:

 “Our London business is good, but Vienna and Berlin are quiet. Mr.D.Lloyd has gone to Switzerland and I hope for good news. He will be there for a week at 1496 Zermott St. and then goes to Turin and Rome and will join Col. Parry and arrive at Athens, Greece, Nov. 27th or Dec. 2nd. Letters there should be addressed: King James Blvd. 3580. We expect Chas. E. Fuller Tuesday. Dr. L McQuaid and Robt. Unger, Esq. left on the ‘XY’ Express tonight.”  

Dear Zach:

Well, the old class of “‘16” is through at last. You ask where the boys are to be. Val Brown goes on the 24th to Harvard for law. Don’t forget to address him as “Esquire”. Ted Updike takes a Position with the N.Y.N.H. & H.R.R., 892 Ladd Avenue, Fall River, Massachusetts and John McQuade with the D.L. & W. at Jersey City, N. J., 400 E. 6th Street. William Fellows just left for a department Position in Washington: his address is 735 South G Street. At last accounts, Dr. Max King was to go to Johns Hopkins for a Ph.D. degree. Think of that! Elliot goes to Xenia, Ohio to be a Y.M.C.A. secretary. I stay here for the present. What do you do next? How about Idaho?  Yours truly and Good-bye,