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 Frequently Asked Questions

What is a handwriting expert?

The title to best describe what I do would be forensic document examiner.  However, in the UK most people would think of me as a handwriting expert. This can be a little confusing as it opens up many possibilities of what I might do. I could for example use graphology to determine a persons personality. Even  though I have been trained in Graphology I now specialise in questioned documents. So I would draw conclusions from documents including: verification of authenticity, signature comparison and identification; alterations of documents and any other problem that arises concerning the legitimacy of writing on document or other surfaces. 

What do you charge?

Our fee's are very reasonable considering the time we must spend on even the simplest case. Where possible we charge a fixed fee up front so you know exactly what you are paying.  Please go to our Services and Fees page for more information.

How long will I have to wait for a report?

Once payment  is received  we aim to get your report posted to you within 10 to 15 working days unless we advise you otherwise. Payment is always required before we start work on a report. We may be able to offer a 48 hour turnaround (excluding weekends) for double our normal fee.

How do I send you my documents for examination?

You can post them to us clearly labelled, (recorded or special delivery if you are sending originals) with your payment and letter containing  your instructions and the case details.  Or you can scan them and e-mail them.  Please contact us first to discuss the method best suited to your case. 

Do you require the originals?

We can work from photo copies but, the originals should be supplied to us if they are available. The originals are always best if your case is going to court. If you do not have the originals now  and the case is going to court we can work with photocopies. 

What kind of report do I need?

Letters of opinion/preliminary reports are suitable if you need to present my report to a third party to prove or support your case. If you need to use my report for court you may need a full report. You can convert a letter of opinion/preliminary report to a full report by paying the difference in the appropriate fee.

What happens if my case goes to court?

Often our court report which is presented in an expert witness format is all you will need. In some cases it may be necessary for me to prepare court exhibits and appear in court to support your case which of course will attract extra costs, see our service and fee page for details. In some cases the two opposing parties may agree on a joint expert (handwriting) witness and be bound by his or her impartial decision to save costs.  You should always seek advice from a solicitor if your case is likely to go to court.

What certification does a document examiner or handwriting expert have to have to testify in a court of law?

The judge will make that decision based solely upon the experience and credentials of the expert. Please see my CV to see some facts that will help you understand why I am more than qualified to represent you in court.

Will your professional opinion be accepted in a court of law?

All forensic document examiners / handwriting expert’s have to qualify each time in a court of law by the decision of the judge. Once a court accepts an expert’s qualifications, their opinions are admissible as evidence. Most of the time my written opinion is accepted with out the need to appear in court personally.