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Paul Craddock Consultancy Ltd, Suite 3, 89 Commercial Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5RR.  Tel: 01202 462762. Email:  

Established 1995

We have given opinions on cases involving, suspect signatures, disputed wills, altered medical records, poison pen letters, offensive graffiti, forged & questioned cheque's, employee dishonesty and fraud, alleged forged land registry documents, questioned private letters and other documents, forged loan applications and family disputes involving handwriting.  

We have examined thousands of handwriting samples since 1995 and have given opinions in countless document cases. Cases are often settled out of court upon presentation of our written opinion. 

We specialise in handwriting analysis to analyse questioned documents in the UK and internationally in countries such as United Arab Emirates, Australia, Africa, Singapore, Pakistan and The Republic of Ireland.  


We have worked with large companies, solicitors, schools, and members of the public.


Past clients include:

Abbey Solicitors

ABM Solicitors

Aldridge Brownlee Solicitors

Andrew Isaacs Solicitors

Armstrong & Humphries Solicitors  

Bar Standards Board

EDA Solicitors

FBC Manby Solicitors

Follet Stock Solicitors

Friend & Co Solicitors

Gabriel Solicitors

Hudgell & Partners Solicitors

Kingsley Smith Solicitors

Longmans Solicitors

McManara Ryan Solicitors  

Newell Quinn Gillen (Republic of Ireland)

PR Vince Solicitors

Robin Simon Solicitors

Salan Solicitors




Consult me for help with questioned handwriting, signatures and suspected forgeries

We are a small company specialising in questioned document and handwriting examination we have been established  since 1995.  Our principle  document examiner is Paul Craddock Dip HW.

Shepherd Evans Solicitors

Stephen Fidler & Co Solicitors

Trail & Co Solicitors

Thomas O'Halloran Solicitors, (Republic of Ireland)

Ursula Bagnall Solicitors  

 Other clients:  

Sainsbury's (national supermarket),  

The Royal British Legion  

Peugeot Citroen

London Underground

Private investigators and the Police

UK Probation Service  

Warwickshire Trading Standards

East Sussex County Council   

Monmouthshire County Council

Dorset County Council

Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service

Dunbartonshire County Council

Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 

Wigan Social Services

UNISON Public Service Union  

NHS (National Health Service)

St. Mac Dares Community College, Dublin, Ireland

Kempston School  

University of London

TDG Contract Logistics PLC

Holden Heal PLC  

Mercedes-Benze Retail Group Ltd.

GlaxoSmithKline PLC

Weetabix Ltd.

Crown Prosecution Service (UK)

Republic of Ireland Department of Justice

National Express

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

A large number of members of the public who do not wish to be named